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FMRJE Studio also called the fmrje factory

Present day Studio



The new FMRJE Factory Studio, this studio is built in the basement of my home. I wanted to create a studio that had a high Sound Transmission Control (STC) factor . The STC factor determines how much sound energy will enter the rest of my home. My goal was to limit as much as possible the studio sound pollution from disturbing my wife, daughter and son. I am not worried about my neighbors because my home is located adjacent to conservation land. My studio design is based on the book "Sound Studio Construction ON A BUDGET" by F.Alton Everest. The sound proofing design and materials I used were provided by Acoustic Sciences Corporation utilizing their ISO -Wall System. My ASC contact is Ty Moyer, he was very helpful on this project. I highly recommend the ISO Wall System and it really works ! A must solution at an affordable "do it your selfers" price.Not only is it a great way to turn an used part of your house into something functional, but it can also potentially raise the value of your home as there are tons of uses for an insulated room. Of course, its use as a music studio or simply a place to jam with buddies while not disturbing everyone else is obvious but there's many other great functions it could have as well. You could use it as a game room or man cave, as a nice secluded office, or you could even expand upon the principles and apply them to a studio apartment, creating a solution to paper-thin walls and the annoyance of hearing (and being heard by) your surrounding neighbors.


Inception: January 9, 2003 - Completion: March 16, 2003

Pre-Installation stage of Isolation Wall for proposed Studio layout in basement - January 9, 2003

Fisher Investments

Studio Stud Frame Walls Installation , Dimensions : 21 feet on west wall by 14 feet on north wall by 11 feet on south wall with door entrance, at 8 foot section east wall angles in to meet 11 foot width of south wall, door entrance size 78" x 36" - January 17, 2003


R-19 Ceiling Insulation between joist, Perimeter gasket installed at stud frame Top Plate, Wall Bearing Felt installed at stud frame floor plate - January 20, 2003


First ceiling layer of 5/8" inch drywall attached to DRC-2 perpendicular to ceiling joists-January 27, 2003

Wall Damp Squares and Wall Damp strips on 1st ceiling layer of 5/8" drywall with acoustical sealant at ceiling perimeter and wall intersection - February 1, 2003

Second ceiling layer of 1/2" inch drywall , acoustical caulking sealant applied to ceiling edge- February 4, 2003

Damp Resilient Channel (DRC-1) perpendicular to wall stud with R-19 insulation, Wall Bearing Felt, Perimeter Gasket installed - February 9. 2003

Wall Damp Squares attached to the first wall layer of 5/8" on the reversed drywall side, Acoustical Caulking applied wall joints and ceiling, Wall Damp Strips applied to all joint edges -February 18, 2003

Second wall layer of 1/2" drywall attached, to DRC 1's, acoustical sealant caulking to seal joints - February 27, 2003


Tape and Joint compound for ceiling and walls - March 2, 2003


Painted Studio - March 4, 2003


Carpet and Safe & Sound studio door installed - March 13, 2003


Let the jams begin! - March 16, 2003

2014 Drums setup against the mirrored back wall. 

In Action: