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Dennis Warren's drums are from the African American Drum Company in Arcata, California. The President of AADC is Calvin Hill Jr., he is a great craftsman, he produces his own designed bronze lugs; the lugs are sympathetic to your cymbals tonal center. Thus Robert J.Keller drum shells made from New Hampshire maple trees that AADC uses have a natural harmonic drum kit fundamental tonality; these are the same shells used by DW and Gretsch Drum Companies.

welcome | interviews | reviews | discography | history |concert dates| booking information| links
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harmolodic programmes is an ongoing collaborative project about and a testament to harmolodic experience/expression in sound <> music <> vibration and life

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Tor Yochai Snyder-electric guitar

Jonathan LaMaster - violin,

Joe Giardullo - soprano saxophone/piccolo

Hilary Noble-tenor saxophone,

Chris Florio- electric guitar

Albey Balgochian - bass

Buddy Booker -bassist / teacher

Buddy's performance history with Dennis Warren: formed two bands in the 1970's, "Catalyst" -in Vermont 1976 and "Lotus" in Tucson, Arizona 1978 to 1980.

Chris Florio -guitarist - with FMRJE since 2000.

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 welcome | interviews | reviews | discography | history |concert dates| booking information| links