This is my second studio built with ASC's Iso Wall/Ceiling Installation kit; my first studio was built in 2003. The FMRJE Factory 2 project began mid January 2018; a week later Acoustic Sciences Retrofit Damp Walls, ISO Ceiling/Wall installation kit were delivered. To design the studio, I used 36 (8'x4' 1/2") and 36 (8'x4' 5/8") Sheetrock panels to construct the ceiling and walls; 1000 ASC's Wall Damp Squares are equally spaced and adhered between the 1/2" and 5/8" Sheetrock layers. With the installation of bass traps and acoustic foam panels; the FF2 opened on March 29, 2018.

Jack hammered the furring strips into the concrete foundation walls, then adhered the ASC Wall Damp strips to the furring strips.

Install Wall Damp RC pads onto the stud frame wall and ceilin joist: where the DRC 1 channel-(stud frame wall) and the DRC 2 channel-(ceiling joist) will be screwed into those structures. 20 rolls of R-30 insulation is packed into the frame cavities of the ceiling and stud frame wall. R-30 was not used on the concrete foundation walls; those walls were installed with ASC's RetroFit Damp Wall application.